Client Testimonials & Reviews:

“I came to Mr. Shabino with what appeared to be an absolute loser of a case in which I was being sued for close to $20K by a major auto insurance company. My existing lawyer handling (or mishandling) the case needed to be removed from my representation at the last minute due to poor performance. I had resolved myself to the fact that I would be responsible for the full amount of damages and attorneys fees.”

“Mr. Shabino miraculously turned my misfortune around, ultimately negotiating the insurance company down in their claim amount and convincing the previous attorney handling my case of his liability etc., resulting in my damages being covered in whole. Mr. Shabino is professional, knowledgeable and responsive and I highly recommend him.”


“My health insurance provider denied to pay for a necessary heart mitral valve repair on the basis of an 11th hour review of a scheduled Mitral Valve repair procedure and determined that the proposed procedure would not be covered by my policy. Not having received notification I showed up at the hospital a 5:30am as requested only to be told that the procedure had been canceled. Granted all parties were aware that this was an “experimental” procedure but just the same over 1000 such procedures had been performed under the supervision of the FDA with tremendous success. The word “experimental” was the stumbling block which determined if I could have the procedure or would be required to have an open chest procedure, which the insurance company would only gladly pay. My challenge was to select an open chest procedure also brought with it a a 50% chance of survival. At this time I¬†realized that I was out of my league and sought help.”

“God Bless Mr. Shabino who came to me as a referral. He took the time to understand the case and explained that chances of the insurance company reversing their original decision was remote, but he understood my situation and took the case because he believed it was the right thing to do.”

“Mr. Shabino set about to develop the case to appeal the panel of eight experts assembled by the insurance company based each members understanding of right and wrong. His tactics were excellent, His presentation was relentless. In the end the panel was happy to reverse their original decision and agreed to allow the procedure.”

Dennis, Gig Harbor WA

Successful Bad Faith Settlement – 5 Stars

“Mr. Shabino negotiated a bad faith claim on my behalf against a major automobile insurance company. He respected my wishes not to become involved in a protracted court battle and achieved a worthwhile settlement.”

“I recommend him for this type of case on an unqualified basis.”


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