$1.5 Million Settlement

Trucking accident victim’s right leg and hip fractures, and traumatic brain injury.

$1.5 Million Settlement

Claim by former firefighter after falling from a “high ropes” course built by the fire department with which the firefighter was employed.

$525,000 Recovery

Victim of highway accident in arbitration proceeding against victim’s underinsured motorist carrier.

$250,000 Recovery

Victim of trip and fall accident at the Western Washington State Fair.

Auto Shop Wins Legal Dispute Against Safeco

Successful results for small business owner when Safeco tried to deny a claim. “Consumers need to know they can have their vehicles repaired at the shops of their choice and not feel forced by insurers to have someone they don’t know or trust fix their damaged vehicles.” Click HERE for more details about his case.

Pro Bono Recovery

Successful appeal of denial by medical insurer to pay for surgical implantation of a then-experimental medical device called the “Mitra Clip,” used to repair defective heart mitral valve.  Cost of procedure: approximately $200,000.00.
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